Color in Torchon
Color in Torchon Lace with Jean Leader
Running time: 3 hr 30 min
Price: US $52
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Jean Leader is a lacemaker, designer and teacher with experience in a wide range of laces. She teaches weekly classes in Glasgow, Scotland, where she lives, and has taught longer workshops in other parts of Britain, the USA and Australia. Her work has been exhibited in Britain and at international lace festivals in Europe. She has contributed articles and patterns to lace-related magazines, produced a lace identification app for the iPhone, published five books on Bedfordshire and Bucks Point lace, and made DVDs on Intermediate Bucks Point, Color in Bedfordshire Lace and More… Color in Bedfordshire Lace.

This DVD will show you how using colors can transform a simple Torchon pattern and provide endless possibilities for experimentation. The first two patterns are designed to show how pairs move through the lace when using different stitches and techniques. This knowledge is then used to control where the colors move in the following three patterns for an edging, a square mat and a bookmark. An additional pattern for a square mat is also included. The instructions assume that you know how to wind bobbins, make a pricking and work the basic stitches. However, starting and finishing, working ground stitches, spiders, cloth-stitch diamonds, roseground, footside edge and two different fans are all explained step by step.