Russian Tape Lace
Russian Tape Lace with Lia Baumeister-Jonker
Running time: 2 hr 15 min
Price: US $52
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Lia Baumeister-Jonker is a lace teacher with many years of experience. She has taught various types of lace and has given workshops all over the world. Lia has also written teaching materials for many types of lace.

Lace is made in several cities and provinces in Russia, such as Jeletz, Kirov, Ryazan, Moscow and Vologda. Each area has its own method of working the tapes. In making Russian Tape Lace colored threads can be used. If one prefers to use only white thread, that can be done also. In the traditional Russian laces of Vologda one sees both white laces and colored laces.

In this video, Lia shows how to make a Russian Tape Lace butterfly as it is made in Vologda. She gives instructions for the starting of the lace, a stem stitch, a chain stitch, a false plait, turning a corner, a variety of fillings and the finishing of the lace. An additional pattern for a doily is included for further practice.